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"You let Donna out?"

"Temporarily. She's having dinner."

"Oh, with who?"

"A guy she has no future with."

"Why no future?"

"Because I say so."
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by teardropflower, eva green

"Aaaand I'm back in the game."

Well, not really. I wrote this last night instead of doing physics or maths. I know, bad me. It's the first thing I've written in a while, and first Grey's fic ever (possibly not the best fic to begin a fic-writing career, but hey, the only way left is up, right?). Man, it felt good to write sentences rather than equations.

Title: Through the Looking-Glass
Author: liamere, fics journal at _aubergine
Word Count: 1301
Rating: PG
Prompt: Addison, Alice in Wonderland
Summary: Addison and Derek, in an elevator on their way up.
Notes: Written for greys_prompts. Con-crit and/or cruel-crit welcome.

Thanks to catchingrain for clearing a few things up. Any errors, canonical or otherwise, are entirely my own.

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